NDSMail 0.56b

There was a bug in 0.56a causing it to crash whenever you tried to add an email account. Here is the fixed version: ndsmail.nds – unpatched version, supports some cards like the SuperCard, and can be patched for others ndsmail.nds – R4DS

NDSMail 0.56a – now with partial ISO8859 support

– support for ISO-8859 mails– keyboard fixed– use latest libnds/dswifi/libfat– bonus eyecandy– other misc. fixes The R4DS Team was kind enough to donate one of their excellent cards for testing and development. This is why I also provide a pre-patched version for R4DS owners. Have fun! ndsmail.nds – unpatched version, supports some cards like the… Weiterlesen NDSMail 0.56a – now with partial ISO8859 support


I spent the last months porting NDSMail to the PSP (Playstation Portable). It will be available in a few days. Because of that, the project will be renamed to „PSPMail“. But don’t fear, the NDS version will still be available for a low shareware fee ($40-$50) Update:This was my attempt at an april fool’s hoax.… Weiterlesen Changes

NDSMail 0.55

NDSMail 0.55 fixes– JPEG image viewer– downloading of large mails (press ‚A‘)– „bare LF“ problem when sending mails– number of mails in folder tabs– some more Download When downloading, please leave some feedback about the server performance! For problems and suggestions, visit the forum

Official forum!

I opened a forum where you can discuss about anything NDSMail – related, including bug reports, newbie help etc.If desired, I will open more international boards. Just give me a shout. Here is the temporary link. Later it will be available at forum.bronto-online.de. You don’t have to register to post !

Thanks Lick!

Finally, thanks to a hint from Lick I can continue work on NDSMail! The problem I was having had to do with memory alignment. C also has some dark sides 😉I’m so glad this is finally sorted out!

While hunting that nasty bug I mentioned, I rewrote large parts and dropped PAlib. However, it did not fix _the_ problem, but probably fixes some others .. and the .nds file is smaller. I also made some cosmetic changes to the ui. I’m still not too happy with the buttons, if anyone has some nice… Weiterlesen

Seems the DS „scene“ is a bit quiet at the moment. No news for some days on drunkencoders and dev-scene. I guess everyone is dreaming about WII 😉 I am considering buying the no$gba debug version, as the free version already reported a couple of errors. If you want to support development, there’s a paypal… Weiterlesen

Attachments + Repost

NDSMail now supports attachments. They can be saved to the flash card, and jpgs can be displayed directly. Attachment size will be limited though, probably to 1 MB. I also added nicer buttons, which I think is the most important feature ever 😉 Head to http://www.bronto-online.de/ndsmail.htm for a screenshot 😉The strange bugs are still there,… Weiterlesen Attachments + Repost