Attachments + Repost

NDSMail now supports attachments. They can be saved to the flash card, and jpgs can be displayed directly. Attachment size will be limited though, probably to 1 MB.
I also added nicer buttons, which I think is the most important feature ever 😉
Head to for a screenshot 😉
The strange bugs are still there, so still no public release :/

Repost of previous entry
I’m still adding lots of features and improvements to NDSMail, but due to some very strange bugs (probably related to devkit 19b, but I am still investigating) there are no new releases at the moment. I hope this will be resolved soon.

7 Kommentare zu „Attachments + Repost

  1. Hi Bronto,
    I think you did a great job!

    But I couldn’t use it 🙁

    New version runs on my system [DS heavy, original firmware (not flashed) v4, SuperKey, Supercard CF ]… but I cannot connect to my Access Point.
    It can read the essid, and a % counter starts arriving *around* 60% (value varies)
    I can connect to my AP and surf the web with DSLinux and WEP; anyway I try NDSMail disabling WEP, no success. Disabling FAT doesn’t help… Is it possible the problem is I never used a WiFi game?
    thanks a lot for your help

  2. Thank you Bronto!
    You do not need to experiment for me, I can confirm that using a wifi game fixes my problem:
    I got Mario Kart, set up my AP with it (including WEP) and now NDSMail *almost* works:
    I mean I coud get my POP mail, I could get RSS feed (from your page, of course)… but I wasn’t able to send mail although I’m (almost?) sure of my smtp settings…
    I’ll experiment again and will let you know

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