About crashes

I found a bug in the dswifi lib. This is what probably caused most of the crashes during message download. Luckily sgstair will fix it. In the meantime I will be adding some more features to NDSMail. Of course I will release another preview version soon 🙂


I have some new features ready, but I encountered a bug in TCP communication which I’m still trying to work around. It may not affect many users, but it’s pretty serious as it may cause very nondeterministic results. Access Point selection will be included in one of the next versions!

NDSMail troubleshooting

Supercard SD user getting configuration file read errors please try this version: http://www.bronto-online.de/ndsmail_scsd.zip If it cannot connect to your access point, please check your settings in a wifi-enabled app or game. sample config file for Bluebottle mail: mail.bluebottle.com 110 silentbob@bluebottle.com secretpassword mail.bluebottle.com 25 silentbob@bluebottle.com Silent Bob (blank line at the end)


When commenting, please include an address or at least aI name. It’s a bit difficult to help people when they all are called „anonymous“ 😉

SMTP support

Today I added SMTP support to NDSMail. This means you can send mails with NDSMail.Now you can actually send and receive mails on the toilet !!! I was even able to send mails while I was waiting at the mannheim train station. Thanks T-Com/T-Mobile ! (And, this service is free 🙂 For those who want… Weiterlesen SMTP support


Alright, seems the latest version (0.24) works with most SCSD configurations (others mostly untested, SCCF probably does not work). More bugfixing on the way..


I released a preview version of ndsmail today. In the beginning it was not working at all on any nds other than mine, but I fixed it. Turned out the problem was in the ARM7 core. The FIFO buffers where not set up properly. Tomorrow I will try to find out why it crashes for… Weiterlesen WIP

hot news !!

OK, stephen stair ( the great) released a new version of dswifi with TCP! I immediately started working on including it into NDSMail. After hours of sweat and hard work 😉 I finally managed to connect to a POP3 server and receive the subject lines. Some more work to make it more stable, then I… Weiterlesen hot news !!

I’m alive

Just to let you know, NDSMail is coming along pretty well. Basic UI is ready, and the pop3 protocol handler is passing the test cases (at least when compiled under windows). Besides that, I got Animal Crossing…so I’m busy paying off my mortage. If anyone wants to visit my town,drop me a line.