Thanks Lick!

Finally, thanks to a hint from Lick I can continue work on NDSMail! The problem I was having had to do with memory alignment. C also has some dark sides 😉
I’m so glad this is finally sorted out!

12 Kommentare zu „Thanks Lick!

  1. Hey Bronto

    Prolly asking the question on everyone’s minds: will we see an update using the latest DLDI Chism FAT lib to quosh all SupercardSD issues once and for all?

    All the best.

  2. hi…
    very nice job of yours. Though i’d like to make it work on my DSlite with an M3 simply. But as I saw on the wiki, only the experimental verion 0.54b seems to work. apparently the link to the server to download it, is down. Is there any chance to get it???


    Franck, from France

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