While hunting that nasty bug I mentioned, I rewrote large parts and dropped PAlib. However, it did not fix _the_ problem, but probably fixes some others .. and the .nds file is smaller. I also made some cosmetic changes to the ui. I’m still not too happy with the buttons, if anyone has some nice buttons, please let me know 😉
I ordered no$gba-debug, hope this will help me finally fix _the_ problem.

wii:21 days

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  1. hey i tried the new experimental version on my ezflash iv lite and it still cant read from the cfg file just thought id let u know. I don’t know much about coding but i know dsorganize has a version that canr ead on the ezflash, have you tried the ezflash fatlib? Well, this is still a great program so thanks again!

  2. I’m glad to see you’re still finding time to work on this app, I have yet to ever get it to work properly on my Supercard Lite, but am trying to wait patiently…

  3. @n8f8:
    I think there is a special http lib for the ds availabe, I can’t remember the name though. Perhaps you can find it on forum.gbadev. I’m using TinyXML for XML.

    Cory1492 was able zo add ez4 support to the old fat lib, so I think it will be ported to the new one soon.
    I can’t release a new version yet, as it is not very stable :/

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