SSL almost ready

Yes, it is true.. the ssl lib is finally working 🙂 now I’ll polish it just a little bit more (clean up code, make more stable) and then there should be basic ssl support (GMail and most other servers) in NDSMail very soon now 🙂 Cheers!

Quick update

The ssl lib is currently in early bugfixing state, so I hope there will be a test version out soon. Since the issue keeps coming up: gmail and other ssl-only mail providers are not be supported until the ssl lib is done (which will be soon)..

NDSMail 0.45

I’m back! Had a really good time in spain, relaxing on the beach…no I actually only played some New Super Mario Bros Minigames with my girlfriend..she beats me almost every time.. I’m getting old 😉 OK. now for something more interesting for you:NDSMail 0.45 – multi mail account support– separators– *really* stable now.. thanks… Weiterlesen NDSMail 0.45

Away for 1 week

I’m on vacation next week, so no updates in the next 8 days. New version of NDSMail is almost ready, but there is one bug I couldn’t track down yet, so unfortunately this has to wait. Take care!

NDSMail 0.44

I just uploaded NDSMail 0.44 to the usual location Changes:– Uses latest dswifi version– Improved connection code – should be faster & more reliable now– Put keep-ap-connection-alive function back in– mail display slightly improved– asks you if you want to save your settings when leaving the settings screen– reply button disabled for feeds As you… Weiterlesen NDSMail 0.44