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  1. Doesnt work for me. I could find my Access Point (with an question mark in front of it) but couldn connect. The prog always says „Couldnt connect to ap“ although my wifi settings works with mario kart and other wifi games.

  2. its not working like it should again, i can press „add“ (new account) but it freezes all the time when i try to create new account, somethimes i can add pop3 or something but after that app just hangs

  3. same prob i got can get to add but once the keyboard shows up it freezes again…so not much of any advancements for me in this patch…i use a m3 simply 2gb sandisk

  4. text field gets stripped. like when i try to add a feed url and it’s really long, the later part of the text can’t be displayed. so it’s like tapping the keys and not see what’s come out.

  5. Getting the same problem as suitcaselife. Diddy Kong racing works online, so config should be ok. But i cant connect to my access point. Has a ? in front of it. Got wep key, but its configured correctly in diddy kong racing…

  6. same problem like suitcaselise, i can’t connect to Ap, the ssl square doesn’t work also i have a yahoo account and a supercard ds. If you can, in the future make a version who working perfectly i congratulation you again

  7. The keyboard freezes up for me when I try to enter an email account. I can enter the pop address and port number, but when I go to enter an account name or check the ssl box, it freezes.

    I’m using an R4DS. I used the specific R4DS file and got the error, then tried downloading the generic one and DLDI patching it, same error.

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