NDSMail 0.43

Hi folks, new version out! – Supercard SD Write support– Settings-stuff fixed– Improved feed support (now even displays most HTML feeds)– uses the latest version of dswifi– misc. bugfixes Have fun, and please report any feeds that do not work Download

status report

OK, here is a short update of what I’m working on at the moment. SSL is on high priority now. I’m currently trying to figure out how to extract and decode the server public key from the server certificate. If anyone knows about this stuff, please contact me. I’m not doing much bugfixiing for NDSMail… Weiterlesen status report

NDSMail 0.41

– correctly converts some tags like line breaks, so mail/feed display is a lot nicer.– file writing probably did not work at all in 0.40– better error handling / access point reconnect– default settings in nds file, so users without filesystem support can hex-edit their settings For those who are waiting for SSL, it will… Weiterlesen NDSMail 0.41


– Shape recognition from palib added – some bug fixes for incorrectly displayed mails – added debug message to config file write. please check if it is complete Coming up: SSL and RSS. I’m also working with someone on another cool feature..stay tuned!

New version 0.37

New version 0.37 new features: – access point select screen (Press Start while it tries to connect to one of the default access points); may not work perfectly yet – pop3 code improved – smpth authorization fixed – compose message improved – keep alive packets sent for all screens (except dialogs) known bugs: – sometimes… Weiterlesen New version 0.37

About crashes

I found a bug in the dswifi lib. This is what probably caused most of the crashes during message download. Luckily sgstair will fix it. In the meantime I will be adding some more features to NDSMail. Of course I will release another preview version soon 🙂


I have some new features ready, but I encountered a bug in TCP communication which I’m still trying to work around. It may not affect many users, but it’s pretty serious as it may cause very nondeterministic results. Access Point selection will be included in one of the next versions!

NDSMail troubleshooting

Supercard SD user getting configuration file read errors please try this version: http://www.bronto-online.de/ndsmail_scsd.zip If it cannot connect to your access point, please check your settings in a wifi-enabled app or game. sample config file for Bluebottle mail: mail.bluebottle.com 110 silentbob@bluebottle.com secretpassword mail.bluebottle.com 25 silentbob@bluebottle.com Silent Bob (blank line at the end)