– Shape recognition from palib added
– some bug fixes for incorrectly displayed mails
– added debug message to config file write. please check if it is complete

Coming up: SSL and RSS. I’m also working with someone on another cool feature..stay tuned!

12 Kommentare zu „0.38

  1. bug. I checked my mail on an empty mailbox (0 mail).
    It displays only the „welcome“ mail. -it’s normal-

    If I press „B“ I have a lot of garbage in the mail list and upper screen says „ERROR:mail can’t be displayed (RM02)“

  2. Great job so far, a feature I would suggest is a setting in the config which lets you choose how much mail is downloaded (I have 700 odd unarchived mails and it takes ages to download them all). Either that or an option to stop it whenever you want while its downloading mail

  3. Ditto zed0, I have the same issue with way too many old messages in the mailbox, which ends up with the program locking up all the time. It would be nice to be able to set a limit to how many to download.

  4. By the way, I’m still having that same problem as before, with the last character from each of the settings disappearing. Also, for retreiving mail, it stops at letter 78, and locks up, with the top screen showing the headers and first line or so. Running smoother than .37 though.

  5. Something I would like to see is support for a Microsoft (aaarg! I said it out loud!) NTLM (the silly microsoft proxy authentication method) proxy server.
    I’m behind one (at some places) and since I can’t tell NDSmail how to work with it, I can’t check my mail.

  6. Hi, I’m devmani, a SC SD user.
    Everything is fine except cancel flickers when writing a message.

    Is it possible to send a picture on the scribble pad? When I first saw the shape screen, I thought it could send the picture.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. How do i input the password for the router when i select the access point?? and how can i tell if the ndsmail is online or not??

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