NDSMail 0.40 featuring RSS/ATOM support

Newsfeed (RSS/ATOM)support

You can set up the feeds you want to read in the settings / feed settings menu. NDSMail also looks for a file called ndsmail.fed in the flash card’s root directory. ndsmail.fed is a text file, each line contains the URL (full URL with http://) to a RSS or ATOM feed.
To download the feeds, press on the button in the main screen to switch to mode, then press Receive.
Please note that I did not disable the New/Reply buttons in feed mode yet, pressing them will give unpredictable results.
I added 2 feeds as defaults so you can test it right away.

Bug where settings file got corrupted should be fixed (can’t test it)

Shows status while connecting to access point

Some mail display bugs fixed

Many more things I can’t remember

Note that most bugs with incomplete/corrupted messages are because of a bug in dswifi which will be fixed soon.


4 Kommentare zu „NDSMail 0.40 featuring RSS/ATOM support

  1. Hey Bronto,
    Congrats on the new version!
    The RSS feed is a great feature, and seems to work (although it gives me a few errors, it doesn’t crash doing it, and pretty much manages to get the feeds anyhow).
    Also, the last character in the settings problem is still there–except now the port loses a digit too. Definite improvement otherwise though, and I’m still playing around with the RSS!

  2. Oh, one more thing about the config file. If I edit it on the computer and then leave it alone, it turns out fine when it loads. It must be something in the way it’s saved in the program that causes the error (there’s also no linebreak when it’s saved that way).

  3. cool cool… strangely i can’t connect to my router, though tetris can and i have been able to in the past. ah well… so i’s thinking it’d be useful to have the palib shape drawing chart in the background when you enter shape mode, for reference… maybe make the ink a bright blue or something and draw on top of the chart. great app!

  4. If you’re able to connect with the Wifi settings but not with NDSMail, you’ll probably need to manually set IP, DNS, Gateway instead of having it full-auto.

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