NDSMail troubleshooting

Supercard SD user getting configuration file read errors please try this version:


If it cannot connect to your access point, please check your settings in a wifi-enabled app or game.

sample config file for Bluebottle mail:

Silent Bob

(blank line at the end)

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  1. Hey still can’t get it to connect with my SoftAP Dongel (Asus WL-167g) does it take the settings from WFC games ? does it suport WEP ? as i got WEP 128-bit on .. anyway good work with it .. hope you can get this working for the rest of us too ;D

  2. Yes, it does take the settings from wifi games. Which means it does support wep. Just set it up a access point with your wifi game, and then run this.

    YAY!! Ill try the new scsd version ASAP! 🙂

  3. Well i got my SCSD and i tryed the new version and istill got issues geting it to connect to my SoftAP .. i haven’t really tweaked with the settings yet .. but i got the cfg file configuerd but still no AP access tho so donno really.. i’ll try to test is some more soon and c how it works out ..

  4. Hi, I’m devmani.

    When Using some mail account, I get SMTP Login failed error messege.
    The message says 502 Unimplemented (#5.5.1).

    It is OK Sending E-mails with another mail account.

    when writing a message in the body, the back space key
    doen’t properly work. Tapping the key doesn’t simultaneously delete letters.
    When scrolling, I find it work as it should be.

    V 0.33 ndsmail_scsd.nds used

  5. Bronto, i have supercard sd, i have put this new nsdmail in my ds, there are something new, now, i see that i recieved one e-mail, but i can’t read it, and also i can’t send messages, 🙁 only these new, that i can see that i have an e-mail and before no, please tell me what can i do

  6. mmmm, now im watching my e-mail and i see that i recieve an e-mail from my ds, exactly, the e-mail that i send saturday. But in my ds as I have said to you said „could not resolve host name“ and „RCTP error“ :S:S, only this that i recieve an e-mail from my ds but y send now in my pc an e-mail to ds and don’t recieve in it

  7. Well I can connect and play Mario Kart online with my WEP wireless but not ANY homebrew apps (notably ndsmail and dsorganize and wifi_lib_test BUT wifi_example1.nds says it connects)
    I’ve tried Open system and Shared key – i’ve gone so far as to disable WEP altogether but still ndsmail and wifi_lib_test will not successfully connect. (wifi_lib_test keeps repeating this line: „ARP: request IP“)
    The SSID and network type are being seen by ALL apps so that isn’t the problem.
    Also, in ndsmail, the „connect (wep)“ button is always ghosted out even though all SSIDs showing in the list are WEP networks (ndsmail does report them as such).
    My primary router is using WPA encryption so i have a second router plugged into it that’s acting as a switch. I’ve disabled DHCP on the second one.
    Hopefully i’ve given enough details for someone to suggest a fix. I’d LOVE to get simple email working so while I’m traveling I don’t have to keep getting my laptop out. 🙂

  8. Well I can now connect to my AP. Turned out i just needed to manually enter the IP and gateway. However, DNS will still NOT come through. I’ve tried just about every setting i can imagine but still no DNS when attempting the DNS Test in wifi_lib_test. Arrrg.

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