Delay, SSL

I’m working on a non-DS-related project which unfortunately takes longer than expected. Hence the lack of updates for NDSMail. However, I will probably do a maintenance release soon with new fat drivers and some other fixes.
There seem to be a lot of problems with the newer Supercard variants. Unfortunately these are very hard to track down and fix without the hardware.

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  1. Hi there

    Right…SupercardStore were willing to donate Chism an SC-Lite for dev purposes; unfortunately chism doesn’t have a DS-Lite so declined the offer.

    Know anyone who has the know-how and scene-presence to write a driver for the SC-lite I’m sure SCStore would be willing to donate hardware for the cause.

    email me at


  2. Hello, you’re homebrew is not the only who have problem with supercard. I test all wifi homebrew on my ds and only dsorganize work at each time. I think the problem went from the supercard and not from you’re hombrew. Dragonminded seems to have the solution of supercard user problem

  3. I have used SC for many of the homebrews and found by setting your ds wifi up Manually you can have most off the wifi homebrews working. I used the Mario Kart to set it up with. I found that you sometimes need to have the card in the DS for some of the Homebrews to work. I have the SC lite and the Mini. This app is one of the wifi homebrews that does not work for me on any of my cards, M3, SC, G6 and GBAMP v2

  4. Is it possible you could look into getting it to work with a router that has enabled WEP? beup 0.3 final works. Maybe you can look at that source for some ideas? Thanks for listening.

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