I’m quite busy with university at the moment, so progress is very slow..

However, it seems that the (seemingly)random crashes are caused by the keep-alive ping to the access point.
I’ll hopefully be able to release a new version within the next few days, with keep alive as an option and using the latest version of the dswifi lib.

Also, I would like to thank Rich for his kind donation 🙂

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  1. Hey, new to this so I can’t find the old info very easily. I’m getting the crashes you mention on my M3 Mini SD all the time. Is my card supposed to be compatible with NDSmail? I’d love to run it, but I hear my M3 Mini SD is incompatible with a lot of homebrew…

  2. I got NDS mail to „work“ on EZ4. Normally it crashes on load, but try to keep touching the „no fat“ button repeatedly (the one on the right) before it appears. If you are fast enough, the program continues to load. I’ve been able to connect to gmail by loading the settings manually. It seems that little work has to be done to make it work properly on EZ4.

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