Progress update

It’s been some time since the last release, as I’ve been very busy lately. As a consequence, I will finish implementing some features I’ve started (themes..), clean up the code and look for someone to maintain it. Remembering what happened to a certain instant messaging application, it probably won’t be open source. If anyone is interested, please contact me.

It seems people are still not aware of it, but WEP is NOT safe at all. See the wikipedia entry.
This is the reason why WEP support is on low priority. If you want security, use a SSL-secured connection.

Forum (+ Max-Network)
The forum is currently offline.
Note to german users seeking web hosting:
Although is one of the cheapest web hosting providers in germany, I can not recommend them at all. Many of their servers have been down for several weeks, their accounting department is chaotic (in many cases, they debit too much) and support is often unreachable. So, safe yourself the trouble and avoid this company.

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  1. Cool, skins are always fun. Good luck with finding someone to continue NDSMail, seems like the DS scene is rather quiet these days, and I don’t have enough DS programming experience to do anything worthwhile.

  2. thanks for the update; it’s good to know that NDSMail will still be alive. About WEP… although it’s insecure, some people live and work in situations where they are unable to change router settings. For emergencies, it should be possible to access your email over whatever protocol is available… I have done this from time to time when necessary. As soon as I get somewhere secure again, I change my password.


  3. Well, I don’t think WEP support is necessary since you can just use firmware settings that have the WEP key in them, and you can browse for networks and add to firmware with DSOrganize so it’s not that important to have WEP.

  4. In fact Wep is working … sometimes.
    Finally, I have tested to connect i WEP After setting fix address & key into Mario Kart …
    It is working on my freebox when I do not receive an other box …
    It seems there is a bug if multiple boxes are deteted.
    => where I can find sources in order I can correct that ?

  5. WEP may not really be secure, but it keeps all my neighbors from stealing my bandwidth.

    I can’t get NDSMail to connect, even though I have 3 connections in the firmware that work with real games and other homebrew.

    Get WEP working or your homebrew is worthless to me.

  6. I think NDSMAIL is awesome but since i use wep i can’t connect to my e-mail provider and rss doesn’t work either. Don’t get me wrong i too think wep is crap but since the ds only supports wep i have no other choice. at least my e-mail provider uses ssl but without wep i can’t connect to the internet with the ds.

    plz fix it

  7. I understand where you are coming from in regards to WEP, but that is the only access I have for my DS. I would dearly love to be able to access my email. Please reconsider your decision.

  8. Thanks for putting the time into making this application.

    I’m also requesting support for WEP encryption, as that’s what’s implemented at my home. As with most other technically savvy users here, I am aware of the security concerns with it, but I feel it deters bandwidth thieves enough to have them go down the block to find an open access point. I’ll try this at work to see if I have any better luck, but it would be fabulous if you could add WEP.


  9. It’s hard to see great apps like this or DSOrganize bein abandoned. Hope someone takes over.

    BTW, what IM Application is meant here?

  10. thanks your great efforts ! 1. will you consider adding filter like my old Visor Eudora 2.1 just to download some mails as I have quite 50-100 mails per day. And I can’t delete mails by group, and need to delete 1 by 1… painful. 2. will you consider also to have Chinese characters display by adding some ttf font in the future versions ? thanks.

  11. hello some of my games are't working and some of them are missing or have been deleted by accident what should to fix it and get the missing or deleted ones back

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