NDSMail 0.60 – SSL is back

SSL is working again, so this means GMail is finally supported.

-SSL working again
-SMTP fixes
-Feed URL corruption fixed
-many, many more

GMail settings:
POP3: pop.googlemail.com (port 995)
SMTP: smtp.googlemail.com (port 465 (not 587!))

And don’t forget the SSL checkbox!

Thanks to the testers 🙂


89 Kommentare zu „NDSMail 0.60 – SSL is back

  1. I’ve been waiting for this since the day I heard of NDSMail. (Sometime around the first batch of R4:s, whenever that was.)

    Anyway, thank you!! ^____^
    …will try it right away!

  2. Nice app.

    Won’t work with my set up though 🙁

    Seems to want DHCP which I’m not using. (The only way I can get my WiFiMax working in Vista is by specifying my IP addresses explicitly in the connection, not using DHCP). This connection setting works with all games but not your app sadly.

  3. I wonder if it work with hotmail adress….. I cannot connect to my wifi, when i try to connect it says „could not connect to AP“…I cannot access to WEP connect????? but i can run game in wifi or some homebrew like GaÏa, or beup or Weather report……

    Thank you for your great job, this homebrew is (in my mind) the most waiting by users……

  4. Hi and thanks for your work on NDSMail. I have a r4 chip in my ds lite and have patched the ndsmail.nds file, which is on the root of my r4 card. It runs fine when executed, but gives me „cannot connect/resolve to host“ even with the correct wifi settings enabled. I configured the settings with the googlemail.com notes as featured on your page, but still don’t have any luck getting the software to connect to gmail’s ssl server. I also have the bluebottle details added. Any ideas? Thanks again.

  5. Promising program, but…

    What’s „Connect (WEP)“ for, if it can not connect to a WEP protected router ?
    How to set up NDSMail 0.60 for WEP protected network ?

  6. Hey homebrewsers,

    if you got this piece of software working, think about clicking that paypal link. It’d be good for the whole homebrew community if developers got something back.

    I know many do it for fun, for fame, whatever. You can’t spend those.

  7. Perfect piece of software….one question though,
    Are you aware of problems with 1GB SD cards (supercard SD) ?
    64MB card works perfect…

    Thanks a lot

  8. Hmm, I just noticed that emails that contain „Mail not downloaded from server“ usually big ones, or ones with attachments, or both, keep getting redownloaded even after I delete them. Do I have to download them and then delete them? Even so, I am unable to download most of those and they contain attachments that I can’t read on my DS (eg. .doc, .pdf).

  9. i had a problem, my router is an edimax. dont really know what the config means, just how to add mac adresses and thats it. My ndsmail cant resolve de DHCP. It recognize the wireless conecction

  10. i guess all my config is Ok Too. and its says i cant solve the conection. HELp.

    using google mail
    router DHCP enabled
    just use MAC adresses
    no wep no nothin
    Just add mac adress

  11. Love the program!!! Great work!!! At first I was confused when writing and responding to emails… A blinking cursor would be my only suggestion!

  12. It works fine now with version 0.60.
    First I could’t connect with a WEP Accesspoint using NDSmail version 0.60, after connecting the WEP Accesspoint by a game it worked fine. I’am using ds_cyclods with 1Gb Kingston SD.

  13. Hello, nice app!

    it doesnt seem to work on my DS wifi though, are you usig latest dswifi?

    latest DSO works fine, connecting to hb database, browing internet, and IRC, though your app cant connect to my AP.

  14. So, I recently got an R4, and am trying NDSMail .6 here. and thank you for fixing the ssl checkbox thing. but now, when i sent mail, i get an error of somesort (sometimes) but other times it ’sends‘ fine. yet, i have yet to recieve a single email i sent to myself!

  15. My last comment here tonight is I want to know how you can make such a slick interface for your wifi connection. yet DSO’s and other browsers/online things cant? I think i could probably use the DSOs browser if it featured the nice selection interface your program has.

  16. big thanks for creating this programm, but somehow i cant get my wep protected networking… the „connect(wep)“ button is gray and cant be pushed… hope you fix it with your next release

  17. Works perfect.
    Only inbox freezes after opening second time.

    After deleting the inbox file, it works fine again

    I am using a R4 with 1Gb Kingston Micro SD card

  18. „Connect WEP“ is grey’d out. How can I turn this on?

    My home network uses WEP settings. I would have to change a lot of devices on my network to eliminate WEP, and I would prefer not to do this.

  19. Just wanted to update that wifi_lib_test works like a champ. When I enter my WEP key, it connects right up.

    I’ll have to give NDSMail a shot next time I encounter an open network, but a thought occurred to me. Is it possible for NDSMail to utilize the WiFi settings configured into the DS much the same way the DSOrganize does?

  20. Well I haven’t been able to get it to connect to my router, but in any case it works great as a wi-fi detector. I was in the car last night with the DS open just watching the list as we drove around downtown. Hopefully one day I will even be able to check my email.

  21. 0.6 doesn’t work on my DS, it says initializing filesystem. Nothing happens. I think it freezes, not sure though. So I tried 0.58b but that would never remember my information. Every time I would turn my DS off then on again, the information about my email address wouldn’t be there. It says it can’t access the FAT file, or something. Can someone help?

  22. Thanx for a very good initiative 🙂 My Connect (WEP) is also grey 🙁 I´ve tried to disable WEP in my router and NDSMail 0.60 still shows the WEP protected AP symbol. Looking forward to the next version.


    Kjell Kamsvag

  23. The fact is that even in V0.60 there is a wifi problem connection.
    If only one wifi access point is in the range, this is working (even with WEP). If multiple access points are in the range, the firmware setup is not used correctly.
    This could be a problem of wifi libraries that must be in latest version.
    Is there any possibility to :
    – recompile & rebuild nds with lastest wifi libs
    – or provide me the source, i will make the test.
    please contact dennds@free.Fr

    (for info : same pb with beup)

  24. hi bronto,

    ich krieg den 0.60er nicht zum laufen. hab eine r4 mit neuester firmware und einen web.de-account. damit krieg ich zwar meine inbox-mails rein, aber ich kann keine emails versenden. kriege beim versuch zu senden immer eine fehlermeldung – ausserdem steht als „date“ der zu verschickenden mail immer totaler unsinn da (20.05.2030 und so sachen). hast du eine idee, was ich tun kann?

    p.s. hab dir diese nachricht auch auf studivz geschrieben!

    gruss, martin (frere_martin@web.de)

  25. I was over my cousins house who has a 2wire dsl moodem/router.
    and his computer was broken but router was still working.
    NDS mail worked but when i got to my house it didn’t.

    maybe it is the router?

  26. The fact is that even in V0.60 there is a wifi problem connection.
    If only one wifi access point is in the range, this is working (even with WEP). If multiple access points are in the range, the firmware setup is not used correctly.
    This could be a problem of wifi libraries that must be in latest version.
    Is there any possibility to :
    – recompile & rebuild nds with lastest wifi libs

  27. Hab ne Frage:
    Ich benutz eine Super Card mit Super Key und wollte wissen wie man einstellen kann, dass NDSMail nicht im root folder, sondern einem Unterordner speichert, ich muss sonst immer so viel scrollen… xD

  28. i found out on gmail there is an intruction artile if you go to settings and go to the pop setup then there is an instructions for setup of pop 3 go to device as „other“… thanks…

  29. For american users of Gmail, they should have the pop3 address and the smtp be pop.gmail.com and smtp.gmail.com, respectively.

    Also, while using the latest version of NDSmail with Gmail on an R4, an error message appeared with the words "Fatal Error. No boundaries detected."
    I hope this is not too much a bother.

  30. For people having problems with WEP, like hifidelity64 said, configure your WEP using a proper game with DSWifi then it should work fine. If you get it hanging on "Load Inbox" delete the Inbox file on your card and restart.
    Hope that helps 🙂 Those are the only tricks I've figured out so far.
    There is a Google article showing what settings to use to configure, or use the details on this blog:

    Great program, I love it! My question is how can I get it so that emails with attachments don't redownload everytime I check my mail? I like to delete old messages but any with attachments download again everytime, even if already viewed. Not a major problem but eventually my card will be full!Pe

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