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  1. At last multiple accounts!!! Big thanks for that. Just one minor observation -I might be missing something but the SSL tick box is no longer selectable in the mail account edit i.e. fails when attempting to connect to gmail. Error = „SSL not supported in this version“.
    Any ideas?

  2. OOPS! Think I may have answered my own question with the „-not supported in this version-“ bit. Though interestingly it is possible to show the „cross“ in the SSL box by manually editing the .XML file and changing the „SSL“ value to 1 -but still doesn’t connect to gmail.
    We live in hope and worship our lord Bronto!!!

  3. PLEASE, PLEASE put the SSL and put WEP key please

    thanks a lot, i can;t wait to finally be able to use your software because it doesn;t work for me with WEP and Gmail

  4. Bronto, prob sick of hearing about it, but any ETA on SSL???

    Also, 0.57 failed to connect to any access points (fully open with SSID broadcasted) until i setup one of the access points in WFC. After that, it allows me to connect automatically on startup or manually via settings (possibly because the connection matched my WFC connection). Anyone ideas?

  5. Hi, it works fine for me but I need to know when is the config file created in this version, because it doesn´t save my accounts since it´s missing. I can see any xml file!

  6. ndsmail works perfect for me but whenever i load the feeds, shut down the ds and restart it, ndsmail hangs when it is loading the feeds. any suggestions? im using supercard lite rumble

  7. I don’t have much expireance with the DSwifilib 0.3.1 but would it be at all possible to add IMAP support. It would probably only require making a cache on SuperCard/M3/Opera/EZ RAM or even writing to the cart’s media directly, so that it could store the folders and such. Think about, please. This should be added before SSL support…

  8. Urgh, Not released until 1st Feb here in the UK. Really want to see it as I cant find anything on what the „monster“ actually looks like on the net. However, its done by Tippet Studios so I’m definitely going to see it.

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