SMTP support

Today I added SMTP support to NDSMail. This means you can send mails with NDSMail.
Now you can actually send and receive mails on the toilet !!!

I was even able to send mails while I was waiting at the mannheim train station. Thanks T-Com/T-Mobile ! (And, this service is free 🙂

For those who want to give it a try (please be aware that it is still an unfinished version, use at your own risk)

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  1. I think we’re getting there! Now (CF) user, I can get it to boot and download my messages, but I can’t save my mail settings (It says „write: open file. file opened failed“ on the top screen). Also, it seem pretty slow (like 2 minutes to receive a message that says „Test“). Anyway, I’m assuming you’re working on all this. Thanks for this cool program!

  2. COOOL. sadly, it still doesnt read the config file… 🙁 edited it too.. doesnt read it.. 🙁 anyone else have this problem? Im using Supercard SD.

  3. It shows how many messages I have, but i get this error „1mppos==null“ and when I write the config file, it says „file writen“ (or something like that) and then it says „error cannot open file“ (or something like that
    Supercard sd

  4. Could someone tell me how I get this to recognize my access point. I can play all Nintendo games online just fine but it just hangs at „request connect“ SC CF user

  5. pedro,
    do you have any mail on your account ? if not, ndsmail won’t tell you because it does not want to hurt your feelings 😉 next version will be more honest though 😉
    also, what is your mail provider?

    anonymous, is the line below „request connect“ spinning ?

  6. Yes, I do have email (like 3,000 never empty my mailbox.. hah.) Maybe thats why?
    Also, it says it cannot read the config file 🙁 (where it says if i want to enable fat…)

  7. So this doenst work with the wifi_me right? Since it uses the config file. Any chance you will release this without needing the config file and allowing us to set it up in there each time?

  8. there’s a new version (0.30) up which can handle empty mail boxes.

    I think 3000 is too much at the moment. Keep in mind the DS only has about 4 MB of ram.

    I don’t know yet why some people can’t connect. Does it work with sgstair’s test app?

  9. Bronto, i have supercard SD and 0.29 vesion, when i’m going to send a mail, the program say me: error in the host name, my e-mail is wrongt i think, I put my msn messenger in the settings, but i have to put other messenger? please answer me, thanks

  10. Finally got it to connect via my router, but FAT or no FAT, after entering settings, it idles until it’s unable to connect. Gmail’s help says it requires SMTP authentication support, but that ought to only affect sending, right?

    I’ll try with another addy.

  11. Bronto, we are going to see because my English is limited jajaja, I don’t understamd, need to put something in the configuration in order that for the program served?, do I need to create something type of e-mail for the program? Sides I have not touched at all, only the e-mail changes into the configuration that e-mail there was for my msn of hotmail, if it is necessary to do some kind of more, you can say it to me?

  12. Hey so I see that a lot of you are saying that you cant write the settings in the actuall prog. what I had to do was this goto the edit the settings and type in everything making sure its all correct. Then hit save or ok or whatever it says then the little window will pop up then hit ok on the window then I wait a sec then I hit start then wait a sec and it will return to the main menu and settings saved fine. Hope it works for the rest of you. I was wondering though the format ofthe file when saved is like across instead of lined down but still works fine.

  13. I’ve tried the last two versions of the program (with and without smtp), and I have to say that while it’s a little buggy, it’s still pretty impressive. It seems to lock up a lot, and it could stand some more features (like canceling a process, allowing a limit for the number of letters to download, etc…) but it does work, and is very cool.

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