NDSMail 0.58b

Back from a great vacation 🙂

NDSMail 0.58b
(great occasion to try the online-update feature 😉

– mails are now sorted by date
– fix editboxes overlapping the on-screen keyboard
– fix feed list editor
– works with message folders larger than 64kb (oops)
NDSMail 0.58b

NDSMail 0.58a has been available for some time via online-update. However, it had some issues, so I decided not to post it here.

7 Kommentare zu „NDSMail 0.58b

  1. i tried the online update it works great with one major problem..it tells me…to use the new version i must restart ndsmail…well i restart my ds and start up ndsmail and i am back to square one with no update..is there some sort of soft reset or is there something i’m missing…?


  2. I can get this to work. I just got my NDS lite 2 weeks ago and I am able to play MK online fine but when I boot up NDS mail it will stay on „authenticating“ for 1-min and say it could not connect to AP.

    I don’t have a password on my AP and I also patched the NDS file with „R4tf.dldi“ for my „M3 Simply“.

    Is this because I own a new DS lite?

  3. So are you still working on the ssl support? I think all of the users would agree that instead of bug fixes or new minor features we could really use work on the ssl support. All the college emails and gmail use ssl so most of the userbase is kind of left out right now.

    Thanks for all the work making a client even happen. I just wish I could use it with any of my emails.

  4. To all of you who have already tried this version, how did you get the xml config file? It used to be in the zip along with the program in previous versions, but it´s not anymore. I can´t save my setting because of this. Please help!

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