NDSMail 0.47

* SSL support! This means GMAIL is finally supported
* fixed „ERROR: mail can’t be displayed (RM02)“ when switching between mails and feeds
* added button/tab for feeds
* added checkbox element
* info screen with update function
* download mail manually (A-Button) working again (verify)
* latest wifi lib

GUI fixes
Improve HTML parser and display HTML mails
include new (bigger) keyboard
find better font + include international font support
feed settings screen seems to have problems
extend access point selection screen
update function
jpg support
.nds attachment support

get it here

29 Kommentare zu „NDSMail 0.47

  1. At startup I immediataly get a CANT CONNECT error, before I can even setup an access point. Using a DsLite and Supercard SD. I can also connect to Nintendo WFC fine with my Linkyss WRTG54S router… I had the same problem with ver 0.45 too

  2. I don’t know what it is, but every time I run this app on my m3minisd, whether it be the .sc version, or ndsgba version, (regular .nds one doesn’t even boot) – I go to the page to begin entering my info to setup my mail account, and at a random point the mini keyboard locks on a letter and the whole app just freezes – every time! I have never gotten to enter the full information in over 30 attempts. I give up – WHY?!?

  3. werked for me, i just need the settings for gmail!!!! ndsmail picks up mail nicely from a local postfix maildir via courier pop3d. downloaded 50 txt messages very quickly. great work keep it up!! NDSL+SCSDMini+flashme7. D-Link access point w/ dapper linux router.

  4. It’s just the crashes that kill me. SSL authentication for initial receipt seems hit-or-miss, and about halfway through any mail more than a brief sentence tends to hard-freeze on me.

    The connection speed, mail download and mail send has been fast & flawless the rest of the time. It does report an error while it closes the SSL auth for sending, but since it sends, I assume it’s a debug message more than an actual error.

  5. It’s working on a M3 miniSD. I can pop my gmail mail and others without SSL.
    I don’t manage to send email neither with or without SSL.
    RSS feeds are crashing my NDS…

  6. Hey Bronto, how did the app manage to access my wifi network without me entering the WEP key? You’re scaring me :p.

    Any thought of making this open source?

  7. Looks wonderful, but never can acquire DHCP on my Linksys router with WEP on or off, neither could previous versions, but other homebrew wifi apps can as well as games like Mario Kart and Tetris.

  8. A lot of people just seem to complain about the software, whose version number is less that .5. That’s just silly. I’d like to say, that the recieve functions work very well for my Gmail account and the vgcats.com RSS Feed. However, I cannot send mail. I don’t know if this is a bug, or an incomplete portion of the editor, but it just says the word „connect“ on the lower screen after I confirm sending the message. Any work around to this? (firefox2022@gmail.com)

  9. Your program is very nice !!!

    In future release, would you make better support for WEP connection? Then it will be nearly perfect!

    Now I have to disable WEP in my router (Buffalo WBR2 G54S) to let the program run successfully on my NDSL. May put myself into security risk…

    Many Thanks ~~

  10. I too get the keyboard freeze problem when trying to enter my account details. I’ll get about to the point of entering my password or somewhere, and the keyboard will just stop responding with the last key I pressed highlighted. G6DS and DS Lite. Any ideas?

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