NDSMail 0.45

I’m back! Had a really good time in spain, relaxing on the beach…no computers..so I actually only played some New Super Mario Bros Minigames with my girlfriend..she beats me almost every time.. I’m getting old 😉

OK. now for something more interesting for you:
NDSMail 0.45

– multi mail account support
– separators
– *really* stable now.. thanks to the latest dswifi lib 🙂
– forgot the rest 😉

Get it at the usual location and have fun 🙂

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  1. Yay! Welcome back, Bronto, and thanks for the new version, the best one yet. It’s definitely more stable, now it times out instead of just locking up when I try to retrieve my mail, and then will show me what it was able to download, and even tries to pick up where it left off when I start again! (I’m not sure if the problems it’s encountering are from the individual emails, or the server I’m connecting to, but this version is way more stable than the others.) Good work, and thank you again!

  2. Hi, I’m devmani, a SC SD user.
    Thanks, Bronto. 0.45 works fine unless I insert line feeds in the message body like 0.37.
    Although the lower screen says RECEIVE ERROR (then I tap OK and it says Debug exit smtp main and I tap OK), NDSMail certainly sends a mail. I hope you’ll fix the line feed function.

    By the way, is it possible to change
    accounts from the one in ndsmail.cfg to the ndsmail.acc and vice versa.

    Thank you for your great app! Take care.

  3. hello, Bront and much thanks for your work !

    your app works fine for me with two account (with supercard CF)
    is it possible to suppress noticed mail after they are read ?
    because mails accumulate on the screen…
    by example your first mail send with NDSmail is always here !

    thanks again…

  4. great app for person to person emails, but since html isnt supported i cant read any newsletters. when do you think that will be supported, if ever?

  5. so aol dosent work with this. that makes me bummed because i want to see my email on the ds. bronto if you could could you make nds mail compatible with aol.


  6. I very much appreciate your work, this is a killer app, especially when I can use it 🙂 SSL about to come up? Would you have any idea of an eta? Are we talking a few weeks of programming, or months?

  7. He said before it would be like a day or two to get a first SSL build but I think he was only going to release it to developers, but good to see more stuff getting worked out great job Bronto.

  8. dear bronto, this is really annoying : i’m watching every new release of this great homebrew, hoping everytime this one will work ! It still doesn’t with the french provider „Free“, and i still wonder why i can’t edit the settings on the text file (never show up in the settings‘ pane)… Anyway, keep up the good work & cheers.

  9. Hey anyone had any luck used Datel 4GB HDD… I can manually enter the settings and it works fine, but it doesn’t read the config from ndsmail.cfg…. also enabling FAT causes it to crash

  10. Anyone tried this on an M3 MiniSD / SD yet? I can get it to run by pressing start to load the NDS file but I keep getting random lockups when Im entering my email settings 🙁

    Manage to get to pop3 server address and it just freezes completely whilst im typing it.

  11. Dear Bronto,
    thank you for your excellent software. I found out, that the keyboard is not displaying the right characters. Please check.


  12. hey great work bronto..
    its coming on good..
    im still havin problems connecting tho..
    its sumat to do with the dchp..
    dont find it all the time..
    any chance your gunna add a delete button asell to get rid of the emails after you read them lol..
    any way lookin gd..
    hope you had a nice holiday to..

    dj mindoverload

  13. According to AOL’s website, it’s possible to read AOL mail via POP3… I’ve not tested it yet with NDSMail, but this is what the website says – if it works, then yay!

    E-mail Application Setup Basics

    Setting up access to the AOL® or AIM® Mail servers is simple, and the settings are similar for most e-mail applications.

    The basic information that you need to setup using IMAP and POP3 is as follows:

    * Your e-mail address is screenname@aol.com or screenname@aim.com.
    * Be sure to include the @aol.com or @aim.com suffix.
    * The incoming mail (POP) server address is: imap.aol.com and imap.aim.com for IMAP and pop.aol.com or pop.aim.com for POP3.
    * Check the box for Leaving messages on the server.
    * The outgoing mail (SMTP) server address is: smtp.aol.com or smtp.aim.com, port: 587.
    * Your user name is your AOL or AIM screen name.
    * Your password is your AOL® or AIM® password.

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