About this blog

(me) :Hi, my name is Martin
(choir) : Hello Martin
(me) : I’m (afraid) I’m a computer geek, studying at the University of Mannheim, house-music-lover and bedroom-DJ.

So here’s why I created this blog..
Well, my english has been suffering a lot during the last few years in school, and I feel I should work on improving it again. So I decided to start a blog in english. Feel free to correct me 🙂

To make things more interesting for you, I will write about some semi-interesting things, like software I am developing (currently I’m hooked by my Nintendo DS, and I hope to release a E-mail client for it *very* soon) or even IT-scientific stuff (like my investigations on whether my girlfriend is turing-complete)
And sometimes, when I get really enthusiastic, I might even post miscellaneous house music stuff.. baby!

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